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Jennifer Webb

Apr 16, 2024

Crown page setting in chrome not working

All of a sudden nothng works and my crown page is not there.


Aug 27, 2023


Updated new version google chrome, and top line grew and moved to the wrong place.
Device: MacOS.

Chernomor 404

Aug 19, 2023

New pink line

a wide pink line appeared under the bookmarks. I would like to remove it. she visually interferes

Alexander Johansen

Jun 16, 2023

Not able to Right Click and Open a New Tab

So on Youtube I was having the problem stated above, and after I changed the theme it was fixed. Tested this a couple of times and it was for sure this theme. Not sure how or why this would happen, but I just wanted to let you know.

anthy _uyy

Apr 21, 2022


it does not put the background that you show on your page, only the upper part

Svein Ellingsen

Nov 23, 2021

chrome blokkade

Microsoft prøver å hindre meg i installasjon av Chrome.

Hasliana Amiza

Jun 17, 2021


I love your theme but can you change the color? I am not a big fan of pink, maybe change it to mint or white. It will be great. or is there any way for me to change it on my own?

Mayte Valeria Rodriguez Padilla

Jun 10, 2021

no se quiere poner el tema

e estado intentando descargarlo y ponerlo porque me parce maravilloso
,pero por alguna razón no se instala y falla ojala me puedan ayudar y disfrutar de este maravilloso tema.
gracias por su atención.


Mar 12, 2021

Turquoise or mint colour.

I like your theme but I am not big fan of pink colour and want change that on turquoise or mint colour, but i dont know how. Is there any chance change it? :)

Alice Mckeever

Jun 19, 2020


i have half a page how do i fix it

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