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Sabiha Farhat

May 4, 2023

CrowdTangle link checker

Link Checker extension is not working. It continues to browse endlessly. What should I do?

Jaqueline Suarez

Nov 21, 2021

Activation with facebook does not work

I downloaded the extension but I can't activate it. It asks to login with Facebook, but even entering all the data correctly, it does not enter. First, it takes too long to load each step and at the end it gives an error.

Sonja Kovačev

Sep 15, 2021


Regards, I would like to use CrowdTangle. How can I download it and how much does it cost?

Alexis Potter

Jun 10, 2021

Twitter account excluded from data?

The extension seems to work for every Twitter account except my organization's. It works perfectly fine for Facebook, but never shows when we share something on Twitter. Is our account excluded somehow? Is there a way to fix that? Thank you.

AnnaMaria Insardi

Oct 13, 2020

How to install?

I can't find the download, thanks


Sep 21, 2020

Just installed Crowntangle, now what?

I just installed the extension, and it appears as a valid extension in Chrome, but there is no way to activate the app, otherwise I cannot see how to use the app?


Tariq Abd El-Fattah

Mar 2, 2020


I need to buy the product annually for my personal use please..

Andronikos Koutroumpelis

Oct 5, 2019

Not closing after clicking

I regurarly open up and read several sources that have shared the link, but even opening each source in another tab closes the popup of the extension, and the process gets time consuming.

DD Moalosi

Sep 13, 2019

request access to dashboards

we are a media organisation based in south Africa we train Radio and television freelancer on social media platforms we need to connect crowdtangle

Clais S

Aug 19, 2019

Je n'arrive pas à avoir accès


Nous n'avons pas Chrome. Est-ce possible d'installer sur Firefox ? Sinon, quelle autre alternative s'offre à nous svp ?

Merci de votre réponse.

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