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William Whatley

Aug 4, 2023

Close account

I would no longer like to use this service and wish for my account to be closed.

joe weber

Jul 26, 2022


I forgot to subscribe before my trial ended. can I still subscribe and retrieve mt data?

Terry Brock

Aug 19, 2021

Can't get access

I just purchased LeadDelta and got up to the password entry level. I have tried several times to create one making sure I have the password in each of the two slots. But it keeps giving me the (not really helpful) message "There was an error" Ok I get it but how to we correct that? Thank you for your help. Terry Brock --

Ved Rasic

Jun 23, 2021

Support email

Please send us an email via and we'll respond back in 24h. Thank you so much! 😊

Annette Beetz

Jun 23, 2021

How to access the system? There is no log-in Option...

Could you please let me know how I can access Lead Delta, once I registered? I already paid my fee. However, once I drive my computer down and drive it up again, I cannot access LeadDelta, because there is, of course, no log-in feature. I'm really lost. Please help.

erik dep

Jun 21, 2021

2 suggestions

Hey there, I have 2 suggestions:

First: include profile image url in csv export

Second: list and export groupmembers (same format as own connections) for groups I have subscribed to

Would love it:)

Michael Chapman

May 6, 2021

Bought LTD yesterday, cannot signup chrome extension with Google

Hello, I purchased the LTD last night and installed the chrome extension. I go to this page below, and when I click on the "Sign up with Google" button, nothing happens so I cannot connect Lead Delta. Please advise how I can use Lead Delta. Thanks, Michael Chapman, was email I used to purchase. My gmail is

Welcome to LeadDelta
Please sign up with your Google Account first in order to unlock all features LeadDelta
has to offer. We will keep your Google Account information safe and secure.

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