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Jennifer Roberts

Sep 1, 2023


Looking for a wedge bob haircut

Re Chen

Jul 1, 2018

it work

it work well, keep follow the role

Gabriela Przybyszewska

Jul 20, 2017


It doesn't work :(


Jun 29, 2017


Today CreativeStart decides to become "corrupted" every time I launch a new tab/browser window.
So it doesn't work, reinstalling or repairing has no effect.

Marco Bonelli

Jan 30, 2015

Motivation doesn't always show up

I noticed that, sometimes, when I open the new tab page, the image and the the font get loaded, but the div.motivation (which contains the phrase "What will you create today?") stays hidden (with class .ng-hide). Same goes for the details about the font at the bottom of the page: the .ng-hide class is still there even if the font has been loaded. If I remove the .ng-hide class manually, then the font is shown correctly, so this is unrelated to the loading process, and it's an animation issue. Please take a look at this bug and fix it.

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