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D. L. Fuller

Jun 11, 2022

Default Type Format?

Thanks. Your Create Link extension is working as expected with my HTML default. But is there a way to change the resulting default type font and size? The result now is 12pt Times and my default elsewhere in other documents is 13pt Georgia. It's a pain to always have to change size and font after pasting the link.

Junichi Hayashi

Jan 18, 2022

All preset formats disappeared

Opening context menu today, there is no "Create Link" item.
In options page, all preset formats disappeared and the default format is also empty.
Not working [+] button, I cannot add(restore) any formats.

I use Vivaldi 5.0.2497.38 (Stable channel) (64-bit) and Create Link 0.5.7.

Thank you.

Daiju Azuma

Jan 4, 2022

Similar Extension

I will use this extension until Create Link works correctly.
Copy URL+

Patrik Vale

Jan 3, 2022

Not working after update

Since the update of the extension, it no longer works properly. I get dropdown menu, but whatever I select does not get copied to clipboard. Sometimes it works after I try 2 or 3 times in a row. But something happened after the update. Please check and fix. It is very useful extension for me.

Nathan Neuberg

Dec 30, 2021

HTML Links Not Working as Before

Having the same issue as others where HTML links are showing tags and urls instead of just hyperlinked text of tab titles. This isn't working as it was before.
Not sure what Malcolm Cook's responses below mean by:
'you probably just need to use the new "migrated formats (and delete the old ones)'
Please elaborate or fix.

Javier Eduardo

Dec 30, 2021

Stop working

Use the extension with the format:
<a href="%url%">%htmlEscapedText%</a>

And then paste in google docs, confluence or word produces:
<a href="">Google</a>

Petr Püschel

Dec 28, 2021

Not working

After update 0.5.5 Create Link not working

Benjamin West

Dec 23, 2021

Not creating hyperlinked text with HTML option

This was working a few days ago, but now when I go to create a link with HTML from text I highlighted on a page, I paste it to reveal the "<a href="URL">TEXT I'VE HIGHLIGHTED</a>

Clinton Alvord (comedy4cast)

Dec 22, 2021

Stopped working a few days ago for me

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, uninstalling/restarting/reinstalling, etc. Nothing. A right click will still bring up the selection popup, but no link is copied to the clipboard. Apparently it is working for a friend of mine, but it does not work on my laptop or my desktop.

Grant Odgers

Dec 22, 2021

pasting HTML source not the hyperlinked text

Hi there, as of today, when pasting the link, it is just pasting the HTML - not with the text hyperlinked (underlined etc)

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