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Santosh Dantuluri

Nov 8, 2023

Dont see the profile selection in compare profiles

I just see the compare profiles button option but no profile selector in that. I see "Other Apps" which is showing another app below. The Buy me a coffee works.

Chris Tufts

Jul 14, 2023

QQ on where the data analysis on this occurs

Does this do any off platform comparison, or does the browser do all the number crunching here?
I am looking for something like this, but don't want my profile data leaving company property as it where...
So if you use any API calls into platforms that you own, does it commit anything to a database anywhere or is the profile data hard saved for any length of time?

Shantinath Maisale

May 31, 2023

Can we compare 2 different sandbox profiles

I have to compare 2 sandbox same profile.

Ramkrishna Patidar

Jan 3, 2023

Inconsistency on comparing two Profile

Whenever I try to compare any profile but I found continuous inconsistency like heading swapped, No heading, some time field comparisons not found etc....

Manish Das

Oct 31, 2022

User Object is not listed under the comparison

I tried to compare 2 profiles and filter to only Objects. But the User Object is not listed on the list of compared objects. Is there any reason for User object is not listed

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