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Ebagnitchie Charles

Mar 11, 2019

Where do all the images go ?

I'm trying to get all the images from but i can't seem to find where the pictures are in the hard drive or how can i download them ?

E. O.

Mar 22, 2018


Could you please add the calculation of width/height and naturalWidth/Height for images?

Jason Bornheimer

Sep 16, 2016

Delete a list

Do you have a way to delete one of the searches that have been performed without having to delete and reinstall the extension?

Anshin Yamamoto

Mar 4, 2015


Can I retrieve text data instead of images?

steven west

Jan 28, 2015


where do all the images go? what folder on hardrive?


Nov 20, 2014

enable EXIF based search

search specifically for pics with GPS in the EXIT

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