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Angie B

May 6, 2020

Nothing happening - not working

CT has worked beautifully in the past. Now nothing happens. I have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. So if you have any work around, let me know. I use this so much, especially now that I am teaching classes online!

Susie Whipple

Jun 10, 2019

Does not work

I can't get this extension to work.

Laura Dauffenbach

Apr 24, 2018

Power App and Privacy Policies

Hi crafty184! You certainly are Crafty. I'd love to install all of your extensions! I hesitate to, though, because I can't locate your privacy policy anywhere.

1. Could you please direct me where to find the privacy policy?

2. Can we modify the banner? ex: shape box, arrow, pop up comment, show/hide, expand/collapse)

2. can we modify the text? (ex: size/type of font, pop up comment box)

3. Also, how about grouping all of your craft apps into one POWER app! Users could choose one pro version (with some of the above options, for ex.) for free, then after that, they'd have to pay to combine 2 or more...after a free trial of those! Having them separate is good to, so people can find what they need, but then, they'll want to add your other cool stuff!

4. Once this app has pro power features, I get them free, right? ;)

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 5, 2018

Extension not working

Was working fine, not it won't open; removed and readded still not working.

Dan Stringent

Mar 1, 2017

Not working

Teachers love Crafty Text but it's not working recently :( Please update!

Irina Svetlowa

Nov 17, 2016

Extension buyou

I am interested in acquiring your extension "CraftyText".

Please contact me at:

Brittany Payton

Nov 13, 2016

Won']t stop working

I got the CraftyText extension.. It worked great BUT it will NOT ever turn off or go away!! I even uninstalled the extension, restarted Chrome browser, and restarted my computer but it STILL is showing the large text! HELP!!!

Carolyn Southall

Aug 2, 2016

crafty text

no install button available

Irina Svetlowa

Jul 27, 2016

Extension buyout

I am interested in acquiring your extension "CraftyText".

Please contact me at:

Shawn Reed

Apr 4, 2016

Open new tab when you click CT extension

Would like for Chrome to open up a new tab once you click the CT tab. Had to read notes to figure this out.

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