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Jessica Macintosh

Sep 5, 2018

Not working

I'm trying to use the extension on a website and I have highlighted the text then click on the "CL" icon but nothing happens. I'm on google chrome but I wouldn't think that would be the problem. Please help!

Ariel Purkeypile

Jul 26, 2016


Y'all are killing me with the "Options" option. If you're not going to use it, just take it out so my monkey-mind will leave it alone. Otherwise, great little tools, I dig it

Glen Little

Apr 26, 2016

Google Docs

This doesn't seem to work on a Google document being edited. Is there any way you could make that work?

Gretchen Peterson-Fisher

Apr 25, 2016

CL not displaying

I have used CraftyLevel for months to help me reduce the grade level of my website. However, today it is not working. I have deleted and reinstalled, but it still won't display the grade level. PLease help.

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