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Louis Roy

Jul 17, 2024

Unable to open a CPC file

Hi, I have two different computer with both the same version of google chrome and CPC view extension, On one computer I'm able to open a CPC file but on the other computer the page stay black.

Test User_Simon

Sep 29, 2022

CPC image downloads instead of opening in browser

Recently when I open a CPC image from my web application it saves it to the downloads folder and no longer opens in the browser.

Any idea's what this is.

Joe Webb

Feb 7, 2020

Unable to open document

Recently when trying to open a JEDMICS c4 document I get and error saying unable to open document, unrecognized data format.

David Burt

Mar 5, 2019

No viewing in browser

Recently when I try to view multi-page TIFF files, the app icon appears large on the middle of the screen on a black background, and I get prompted to save/download the file. I think this behavior may have started after a Chrome update.

Jessica Porter

Dec 1, 2016


How do I uninstall the program?

Jessica Porter

Dec 1, 2016


How to I unintal the program?

Fred J

Oct 27, 2016

c4 files

I've installed this on my chromebook and when I try to open a downloaded c4 file, system says unknown file type
what step am i missing?

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