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Devraj Singh Rathore

Jun 9, 2021

Doubt Regarding center preference

Do I just have to select centers in the format - center 1, center 2, center 3...... or there is something I am missing....please guide me

R Tarafdar

Jun 5, 2021

How can I use this on phone?

I wish to use it bit on mobile. How to do that.


Jun 4, 2021

Timeout within 90 seconds

I worked one appointment but the second one (at a different time and for a different pincode) did not. The second try was competing for a slot from a meagre 40 with a search cycle of ten seconds, so I cant really fault your Bot.Maybe I will try again with a five second iteration.

I noticed that yesterday the system would signoff automatically after about five minutes. Today the signoff happened every 90 seconds. Any guesses why it could have happened?



Jun 3, 2021

Something Went Wrong Error

Do I have to sign off and login again if I see the "Something went wrong" Error flash? Sometimes the next loop does not have the error.

rida srivastava

Jun 3, 2021

its not highlighting only, unable to use

unable to use this extension, not highlighting after add to chrome

Ranjit Gurav

Jun 3, 2021


Autofill option not displays on chrome after installing. Does it works on mobile??

Aman Kumar

Jun 2, 2021

Not working

i installed the extension but it doesnt work

Ananthu Bhaskar N P

Jun 2, 2021

Something went wrong. Please try again

Why "something went wrong . Please try agai"n is coming always while refreshing?

Harsha Kalsi

Jun 2, 2021

Extension is not working/unresponsive

Installed the extension, logged into the cowin webpage but when clicking on extension. It is not responding.


Jun 1, 2021

Multiple Pincodes

You have stated in response to my previous question that multiple pincodes can be inserted , separated by commas. Does not seem to work with Firefox, Chrome and Brave. Which browser supports multiple pincodes?

Thanks for your help

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