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Jun 10, 2024


I added it on my chrome and its greyed out how to fix? Need this for my website

Thiago Campos

Jun 7, 2024

Not working on Letterboxd

This extension suddenly stopped working on Letterboxd. It still works on every other site.

Daniel Kanthofer

Aug 10, 2023

Flags in italics?

Great extension for windows users!
But there is one thing: It looks a bit strange that flags are also put in italics if the surrounding text is formatted in italics. The flags' shapes kinda look like a parallelogram then...

Jacob Titus

Feb 28, 2023

Google docs/sheets support

Can you make it function on google sheets and google docs?

Josiah Pang

Feb 5, 2023

Tag Sequence Support

Could you add support for emoji tag sequences? For example, the Scotland flag currently just shows as a black box.

_ CC

Aug 2, 2022

Does not work for bold text

It does not seem to support bold text such as {font-weight: bold;}. Please fix this. Thank you.

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