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August Johnson

Oct 16, 2019

Get Started

How do I set a date & time?

Chris Chung

Dec 17, 2018

Events Deleting

Hi, I'm doing a "end of day" countdown and a "graduation" countdown. When the end of day one is over, the graduation countdown (which is in February 2019) also ends and disappears from the page--forcing me to recreate it. This has happened for the last 3-4 days. What's going on? Thank you!

David Carruthers

Jun 6, 2017

reorder tiles

i love this, thanks for making it. it would be great to have some easy way of reordering them.

Adam Frank

Jul 15, 2015

Hoe do I remove this app?

It doesn't exist on my apps page but opens everytime I open a tab

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