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Jérémy Martzolff

Jun 10, 2024

Naming and flaged timers

First of all, great extension for me, I really like the fact you can "Restart" from the notification when activated.
Suggestions :
Could we have the possibility to name our timers ? Sometimes I have to remember which one is for which task.
Could we flag multiple timers and the time shown is the closest timer to the end.

Vishal Mishra

Nov 4, 2023


1. No alarm sound ringing on my MICROSOFT EDGE browser .
2. Only stopwatch is accessible, Not the Timer nor Alarm is working

The tab countdown feature is awesome and it something needed thanks and please , please pat heed to my suggestion or you say problem

Malik Hassan

Jul 7, 2023

Change Look

Hey I Am Hassan I Suggest You To Make This Extension Advance & Change The Font

Shrenik Golchha

Apr 15, 2023

Auto Repeat Feature


I loved your extension. Could you please add auto-repeat for the countdown. It will be really helpful.


Karel Matějka

Feb 26, 2023

More(15) timers in one time - not opening list of countdowners

Hi there, I've started approx 15 timers. All are running. Now I am to able open list of timers for check rest of time. After click on icon I got only "Something is not right :/" message and that's all. Even flagged countdown timer got stucked(time on the icon of countDown). After one minute it's countdowning again but still not possible open the list of countdowners.

Roger Valle

Jan 23, 2023

Keyboard input doesn't work

Hi team,

Your keyboard input doesn't work but after 5 days I've figured out that scrolling does work. XD Please bring back keyboard input for timing.

Thank you!

JJ Huxwell

Jan 23, 2023

Can't set up timer

Hello! Love your app!

However, today it has stopped working... I can't type any numbers and therefore I can't set up the timer. Do you know about this bug? I've tried reinstalling it, with no avail.

Raoul Hattink

Jan 23, 2023

Countdown to a specific time

It would be nice if there were an option to count down to a set time. For example: having it count down to 16:45 every day.

Ev Ch

Jan 11, 2023

choosing ringtone

Hi , could you please add the ability to choose any kind of music as the notification sound ?

Dallin Jones

Feb 20, 2022

Always on top

This is so close to what I'm looking for! Is there a possibility you could add the option for it to always be on top? This is my favorite timer (and I've looked at over a dozen), but my main need for it is so that I can study for school (using full-screen video recordings) and see my timer in the corner (or preferably where I put it) while in full-screen mode of the recordings.
This would be my go-to timer if I could get that option!

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