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Tanim Mahbub

Jan 1, 2023

Some changes to UX

Hi there, first of all, thank you so much for making my life and a lot others like me much much easier everyday, can't thank you enough for this outstanding extension.

I was wondering if you could change the UX a little bit. Like the Paragraphs & Words dropdown into radio buttons, and the range slider for the counter into an input type number, that way it could be more user friendly.

It's just a suggestion, and I have created a visual demo with Figma, please check-

-Thanks again & Regards

Christhofer Natalius

Apr 25, 2019

Add keyboard shortcuts for copy to clipboard

With chrome we can set a keyboard shortcut to open the extension. But to copy the text to clipboard, we still need to use mouse. Some extensions can add and customized its feature with shortcut, example copy URLs to clipboard. Would be nice if this extension also can put the generated text to clipboard without using mouse.

Gheyath Huzayen

Apr 8, 2018

start with lorem ipsum

is it possible to start the paragraph with "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, "

Sherice D

Oct 4, 2017

Icon in the toolbar

The icon in the toolbar is showing up as a puzzle piece only. Not exactly sure why.

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