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Jul 26, 2021

How to enter editing mode?

Hi, one question, how to enter editing mode?

Lee FG

Jun 14, 2021

Updated Copy URL+


Your Copy URL+ Chrome extension was THE best shortener app on the webstore. I've tried the others, yours was the best! The thing is, it stopped worked when stopped working :/

I'm wondering if you could update the extension so there's a or similar option? It would be amazing and I'd do whatever I can to highlight and support your work!

Thanks for considering,
A Loyal User


May 26, 2019

One more variable?

It is possible to add the date as a variable among the options?


May 26, 2019

Shortcut Keys and a Request

I cannot assign Ctrl-Alt-C to serve as the shortcut; only the context menu works. Tried this with shutting down and restarting, to no avail. Any solution?


Apr 3, 2019

2019-0401,google url 已經停用,請更新

2019-0401,google url 已經停用,請更新

Lee FG

Apr 3, 2019

Are you going to update to another shortener now that is gone?


I have loved your extension. I have used it most days I work. Now that google has shut down its URL shortener your extension no longer works. Will you be updating it or can suggest a good alternative?

With thanks,

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 1, 2018

Icon turns red

I love this extension! Been using it for a few months now. For some reason it doesn't work for me anymore :( I press the button, which just turns red (used to turn yellow), and nothing gets copied. Hope it will be fixed soon because it is such a great extension!


Lee Underwood

May 17, 2018

URL Shortener

How do I get rid of the URL shortener? I really prefer to display the full URL.

Joan Van Tassel

Oct 3, 2016

It's working now!

I got it. I tweaked the options and settings and it's working wonderfully well. Thanks!

Joan Van Tassel

Sep 29, 2016

Doesn't copy selection

It copies the URL/title as <href> statement, but not as rich text. I could live with that...but I cannot make it copy the selection at the same time. :-(

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