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Dec 30, 2020

Not working..

I tried all 3 settings, allowed on all sites, no mater what it doesn't copy. better off with ctrl C at this rate wasting 20 min with this extension that doesn't work.

John Chen

Jun 4, 2020

space or newline is missing

I copy the code the element with newline and space, but with alt and click, the space and the newline is missing.

Sergiu Burduja

Sep 3, 2019

Not work.

I hold alt and press down left mouse button, but the text is not copied. Why?

Bill Yovino

Apr 9, 2019

No copy menu visible when right-clicking.

I just installed this extension and it is enabled. When I right-click an open page, I see a few choices including Save-As, Print, etc., but no "Copy".

Sang Ho

Jan 21, 2019

Only one site I can't use your tool please check it

I start to read Chương 1: LẤY ƠN BÁO OÁN on this link and I notice that I can't use Alt-Click on this site. Please check it:

Anton Nesterov

Oct 5, 2017

Multiple copy on the same page

I have multiple divs on the single page. Copy works only first time.

Harold Roth

Jan 22, 2017

Where is my text saved?

Dear Folks, I just downloaded your add-on to Chrome. I selected text from a website, right clicked to Save. Where.....does my text that I saved go??? A mystery. Please help.

Pedro Murguia

Dec 21, 2016

Record information in local file

It could record the information copied in some file of the local computer

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