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Ernest Shoji

Feb 13, 2024

cpp conficts with my system functions

software sometimes conflict with my system functions and I have to turn CPP off. I have ver. 3.7.95 for many years and have pleasant memories it was working. Request to de-/reinstall my CPP so it will again be avail for use 100%. I have a IMac computer with OS 13.1. Use to be a bulletin editor for Lions club for many years.

Adna Jean

Feb 7, 2022

copy and paste is not working

I'm not able to copy and paste

Ahmed hasas

Oct 2, 2020

will webmaster knows i am using this ?

will webmaster knows i am using this ?

Sriram Krishna

Jul 28, 2020

How to copy and paste the code using this tool

I want to copy the code from the copy and paste disabled editor .so how I have to proceed further

John Fisher

Jun 26, 2020

I dont know how to use this

Please help. I dont know how to copy and paste using this tool.

Prathamesh Chandrashekhar Marpakwar

May 19, 2020

not able to paste

hello.I am doing an online course on a website which has its own online programs compiler.But they have disables the pasting option of it in the editor of compiler.How can i use this extension to solve the problem

Prathamesh Chandrashekhar Marpakwar

May 19, 2020

how to do it?

I have a website that basically provides software courses.I need to paste the programs from external editor to the editor of their compiler.How will this extension help?

Mary Sanchez

Feb 12, 2020

How to do you override this issue?

This is the message you get when you paste in the website.
You triggered our copy paste warning. Your input will be emptied
This does not allow voice to typing or copy and paste.


Nov 25, 2019



John Rambo

May 25, 2019

Copying is not working.

im trying to copy from this page but is not working.

Any Ideias? thank you for your time.

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