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Felipe Ovalle Salinas

Sep 27, 2023

Copy button disappears after a certain amount of responses from ChatGPT

Hello. First to all, sorry for not publish this problem in GitHub. I do not have an account there, so I'm asking here where the extension in published.

Second, thanks for your work.

My issue: For some reason, after a few prompts and answers from ChatGPT (about 6), the copy button disappears for new responses and not show again in the same chat. So every few responses from ChatGPT, I need to start with a new chat to see again the copy button.

I don't know why this start happening, but it could be nice if always the button appears, ignoring the number of interactions I have with ChatGPT.


Jennifer Johnson

May 9, 2023

I can no longer copy

I can no longer copy since new specs and copy option is no longer available.

Matthew Woodhams

Apr 11, 2023

Keyboard shortcut not working

Hi, the keyboard cmd+k shortcut doesn't seem to work. I've reinstalled, restarted, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Apr 8, 2023

No button?

Hi! Just downloaded the extension and there's no button. Help!

Roy Garcia

Apr 7, 2023

Missing COPY button

I've been reading the comments here about the COPY button missing. Same here. I've installed and reinstalled the plugin. But still not working.

Anyone here got it to work?

Michael Scott

Apr 7, 2023

Not working

It was working but now the copy button is gone and I can't get it to work,

Yannick Ndoinyo

Apr 6, 2023

Copy for cht GPT

this extension app has been down for a while now, any idea when it can be up again?

Chad Oettinger

Mar 27, 2023

Make submitting data optional

Not everyone needs to write papers or have data externally reviewed. Please make submitting the data externally a toggleable feature.

Cole Hiney

Mar 18, 2023

Cant use this

Ever since I updated to chatgpt plus for the sake of GPT4 I haven't been able to use this feature. It's been absolutely brilliant and I would love to keep using it.

Thad Gauthier

Feb 14, 2023

Copy to clipboard not working for me since upgrading to Plus

I recently upgraded to ChatGPT Plus, and now I only have the option to copy the text I entered, not the response from ChatGPT. I disabled the extension, closed browser, and reenabled hoping that would work, but it did not. I hope this is something that can be fixed because I got a lot of value from this extension.

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