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Marco Cruz

Apr 1, 2022

I can't see the right-click menu

Hi Jay Harris. In Chrome 99, I can't see the right-click menu at all. Any fix for this?

Steve Powell

Nov 6, 2019

seems like a great idea but doesn't work for me in chrome on windows. button is greyed out.


Kaoutar BELLA

Jul 25, 2019

Copy id parent element

Great Extension for developers,
Am currently working on test automating that requires copying ids of elements and this extension helped me a lot . thanks you .
but am working on a big project and since the element could not have an id but it's (1) parent does.
==> limitation:
<button class=" " id=" ">
<span class=" " >button title </span>
When I click on the button it selects the span , and since span doesn't have an id ..
==>solution proposition :
get the id of the first level parent for certain type of elements
thank you .

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 2, 2016

add Copy Element Name

First of all — thanks for an excellent extension.

Asked to add to the selection of possible properties of the element his name (if available).

And it would be ideal to be able to copy any property of the element.

Joe Sherwood

Mar 16, 2015


Add the ID to the context menu.

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