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Greg Strandberg

May 18, 2024

Reading Browser History?

Why do you need access to read the entire browser history when the app is supposed to only capture the current page URL.

Vahid Zoghi

Jan 4, 2023

Keyboard shortcut for context menu -> copy markdown

The shortcuts for tabs are working fine but there is no keyboard shortcut for copying the [title](url) of the selected text inside a tab. The only way to do that is to right click and select the menu item. Is it possible to add a shortcut for that?

Gary Glass

Sep 11, 2020

Convert more <a> tags to markdown

HTML <a> tags are not converted to markdown links. For example, <a href="foobar">Thing</a> should be converted to [Thing](foobar).

Kenny Evitt

Oct 14, 2019

Not working in Chrome on macOS

None of the keyboard shortcuts are working nor are any of the options in the menu shown after clicking on the extension icon at the top of a Chrome window.

Yijia Hong

Aug 30, 2017

can't use it after updating today

as above. hope to fix it soon. i can't almost work without it now!!

Tim Yang

May 18, 2017

[Feature Request] Copy selected text as markdown

For example, copy a paragraph in Wikipedia as markdown, preserving links, italics, bold format

Raymond Johnson

Jan 12, 2016

Keyboard shortcut?

Suppose I highlight the text of a link and want to use a keyboard shortcut instead of right-clicking and navigating to the extension's copy command. Is there a way I can set that up? Or can the extension be improved to include that feature?

Thanks for this extension. It's going to save me quite a bit of time, and with a keyboard shortcut it would save me much more!

Rex Schrader

Jan 6, 2016

[Feature Request] Copy Bookmarks as MD

I was actually looking for a way to copy from my current bookmarks as Markdown. I frequently share various bookmarks on Reddit, Gitter, and GitHub and was looking to simplify the copy process.

Hatsvasi Lin

Nov 22, 2014

[Feature request]Add an option to remove all GET parameters in URL

For example strip the "?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser" part of the following URL

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