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Sep 28, 2022

Not working

This is not working. Please fix it.

Zsolt Valaki

Mar 15, 2022

Multiple page galleries are still rather painful to download

It's of limited use. I have to flip through all pages for a gallery, and use the progam each time. But even more troublesome is that the extension doesn't retain original filenames, everything is renamed incrementally with a counter, so all of the images names for the separate pages will be in conflict. Which I need to rename manually.
At least retaining the original filenames wouldhelp a lot, crawling through the gallery pages would be even more helpful.

asin asin

Mar 19, 2021

Download files bug

Hey, I've been using your extension for a few days now, downloading albums. At first it was working very well, but lately I cannot download albums that I want. The download completes but, after I extract the zip file, the album/gallery is not fully downloaded despite in the ReadMe.text saying "This file contains X images downloaded", but the downloaded images has less than X, some of them even has less than 50% of it. So i checked the console and it says "GET [URL] net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR 200". I was wondering if my internet is the problem, but the other images are downloaded.

Bebe Rexha Hungary

Feb 19, 2021

Not working

Its not working :(

Sam Treloar

Oct 25, 2019

Bulk Download

Love this extention its amazing. Only way to improve this would be to add the ability to download entire coppermine gallerys at once. Not sure how easy that would be to do but, it would be greatly appreciated <3

Melania Ortu

Apr 29, 2019

Not working

The extension isn't working on any website I visit. Is there an update or something?

Stefania D

Mar 23, 2019

Not working

I don't understand why with this gallery it doesn't work

W Mazurkewich

Oct 10, 2018

Image name

Is it possible to have the downloaded files use their original filenames rather than image1.jpg, image2.jpg, etc. ?

Poppy Bush

May 16, 2018

Screencaps arent recognized

Yesterday I could download caps from daisyridley's fan gallery but today it wont download at all. the button wont even light up.

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