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Oct 17, 2022



Thomas Blankenship

Sep 27, 2022

Blank BLue Window

I see the time icon in my tray of extensions. I click on it a blue rectangle openswith the words.. alarm clock, countdown timer, stopwatch; et al

Jess Messel

Jul 10, 2022


I installed Cool Clock but I can't find it.

Mike Friese

Apr 23, 2022

Cool Clock

I installed it, but I can't find it or see it. How do I get it display?

Harsh Raj Aryan

Apr 14, 2022

not showing up on desktop

by mistake i hide the app badge and now it is not showing up on desktop, plz suggest what to do

Test Account RM

Jan 25, 2022

Alarm notification not showing message


When I set up an alarm with a message, the alarm sounds and shows a notification at the right time but does not show the message. It only says "Alarm Clock ... Scheduled time" and it shows the time of the alarm.

Ann Ledford

Aug 19, 2021

Re: time

The time is wrong on my PC and I don't know how to change it!


Jul 17, 2021



Ant B.

Apr 6, 2021

Empty Popup Window

Same as "S G" below. Click on the extension, get an empty pop up window.

Beauchesne & Associates, LLC

Dec 21, 2020

Voice Engines

I love this extension - however, after installing extra voice engines from the Chrome Webstore, they do not show up in the dropdown menu of installed voice engines. I look forward to your reply, and hopefully a fix as well.

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