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Arrow Craft Shop

Feb 20, 2024

Не бачу скачані кукі файли

Доброго дня!Не бачу скачані кукі файли,мені потрібно викачати куки ,а потім їх треба перенеси на інший сервер,я їх скачую,а куди вони переносяться не бачу,раніше все було нормально з цим ,допоможіть,будь ласка


Nov 17, 2022

Use CookieBro to Prevent Web Session Timeouts?

Can I use the CB extension in Chrome to prevent sessions at certain websites from getting automatically terminated? If so, which setting do I use?
Thank you.

Delain G

Apr 30, 2022

Use Chrome's Clear Data or CookieBro?

Sorry, but I'm still not understanding usage.
I've whitelisted many sites using CB's interface and am ready to clear data, but do I use Chrome's Clear Browsing Data GUI or somehow use CB's?
On CB's, the Clear All Cookies says it will also clear whitelisted cookies.
So, what do I do?

marcelo sauaf

Jan 19, 2022

deletion - all SELECTED

Hi nice tool indeed! quick question: if we select multiple domains in the tree (ctrl+left clicks) then right click and select the "delete ALL"... this will delete "all" SELECTED in the tree or ALL cookies despite selected ot not? If so, pls consider adding a new option in the right click in the tree to delete "only" "all SELECTED" ;)

James Utting

Nov 1, 2021

Option to add website or domain to the Blacklist via extension toolbar icon menu

This is a very good extension for controlling cookies.
Please add an option for users to be able to simply add a website or domain to the Blacklist by using the toolbar icon menu. I am aware this can be done via the extension settings, but it would be so much easier to do this from the toolbar icon menu in the same way that you add a website or domain to the whitelist via using the extension toolbar icon


Aug 1, 2021

Deletion of cookies and editor...

Hi, I would like to know why auto-delete cookies happen on startup and not on shutdown? I'm using Brave browser and it seems that Brave's native cookie management is so bad on letting me to "keep" the cookies I want and deleting the rest but I don't see this option(s), is this true? Also, how do I use the cookie editor and if there are guides on understanding its settings? Thanks.

Alexander “Alex” Hidden

Jul 30, 2021


Hey. Please tell me why u use expirationDate object instead of expires format in cookie?
this makes cookies from other exports incompatible. Not possible import "expires" object?

like i understand, also u plugin not support priority and size object.
Or im am worng?

Rezwan Haque

Jun 27, 2021

Delete All Cookies except Login Cookies

Hi, I'm a person who knows somewhat level on cookies but a non-techy average joe. I'm just wondering, if you can give an option to keep only login cookies (plus other important cookies) but delete all cookies. These will boost the acceptability of this extension.

Chris Shaw

Jun 6, 2021

Also delete "File system" items from Site data

CookieBro works great for deleting Cookies, Local Storage, and Service Workers, but I still have a lot of sites in my "Site data" with "File system" items. Can they be deleted too?

Brent McAnney

Jan 16, 2021

How to block cookies of only certain domains?

By default, it seems all cookies are defined as unwanted. Adding a domain to the blacklist does nothing, every cookie is still in the unwanted list.
I also tried adding *.* to the whitelist, but the blacklist does not seem to have priority, so I have no idea how to block a single site.

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