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Primmie XOXOApr 20, 2024

news websites are the worst for this and there is no change after installing this on edge. I cant find a page anywhere for this extension to manually add websites or go in "the" settings. What settings, where???? This is just a download and review page. Manage extension doesnt have any of the promised features so that cant be it. Extension website is incredibly technical so if that is it then Im very annoyed because that defeats the purpose of an auto extension (not every user is an IT pro) ... Show more

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Dan MDeveloperApr 20, 2024

Hello, I'm sorry you found this frustrating. I will try to make the documentation more clear. Just for reference for anyone else reading this and so you can get back to the settings page easily, here is how you can access the settings page: In chrome, left-click on the addons button (looks like a jigsaw puzzle piece), then click on the hamburger menu (three vertical dots) next to the addon icon for cookie cutter and select "Options". This will show the options ui (aka the settings page) in an embedded view. This is the same for all addons which implement an options page, and is not specific to cookie cutter. If you have pinned cookie cutter then you will not need to do the first step, and can instead right-click the cookie cutter icon which appears directly in the browser toolbar and select "Options" from the menu that appears. Alternatively: in chrome or firefox, left-click on the addon icon for cookie cutter and click the link which says "View All Settings for All Domains". This will open the exact same options page mentioned before, as a separate tab. The DOM rule setting refers to the document object model ( ) and the fact that these rules are based on what elements appear on the page instead of what website you're on. They aren't enabled by default because there's a chance that this could break websites in the case that an item with a similar name or id to a cookie consent dialog happens to be on a site unexpectedly.

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Jonathan WebbApr 12, 2024

just doesnt work !!

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Dan MDeveloperApr 12, 2024

Hello, I'm sorry to hear that you don't feel this addon is working. Could you please provide additional information? What sites specifically was this not working on? In what manner was this not working? If those sites aren't currently supported then we'll need to add support for them. If they are already officially supported then the websites themselves must have changed the cookie consent dialogs and we'll need to update our default rules to match their changes. Please be aware that many websites do not want you to use an addon like this (because they want to guide you towards accepting all cookies) and actively try to make addons like this not work on their website. We depend on users to report broken websites so that we can keep this addon working as expected as websites change their code.

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Robin KeskisärkkäApr 8, 2024

Would have been great but I'm still getting a bunch of popups. I don't see the point with a plugin for this if it doesn't do what it says on the can. Sure, I can add sites manually but that defeats the point. Uninstalling.

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Bogdan NazarukFeb 12, 2024

An open source popup cutter? Gosh thank you! And supports FF along with Chromium! Manifest version could be updated to 3 just in case Google finally decides to deprecate v2.

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MorganMar 11, 2023

Straight to the point. I'll definitely help and contribute more rules when I encounter unsupported sites. Hope this will stay maintained because it sounds promising!

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DOUGLAS KIMJul 5, 2022


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