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zz pro gamerMay 14, 2024

I've been downloading thousands of chrome extentions for years which didn't work at all. Every website kept tracking me until i found this. This extention IS THE BEST AND IT 100% BYPASSED WEBSITES COOKIE TRACKERS.

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David SwansonApr 22, 2024

I have it on Brave with my MacBookPro. Causes my CPU to spike over 100%. When I deactivate, everything returns back to normal. I've testing it four times.

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Gerald D LenhertApr 11, 2024

Works great for me, not concerned about unwanted invasions.

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S SJan 13, 2024

Won't clear any site data of any website was hosted in an iframe. It will only clear the site data of the parent site that loads the iframe.

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PhillipDec 29, 2023

It works pretty good for deleting cookies when you close a tab; that is, the ones that aren't whitelisted. That's mainly what I installed it for. It looks like it probably does a lot of other things but the instructions aren't very clear to someone without an IT background such as myself.

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Jez PhippsDec 2, 2023

Good idea but it seems it doesn't remove cookies thoroughly enough. For example, if I... (1) Perform a manual "Clean All for this domain" on and then... (2) Restart Chrome and go to chrome://settings/content/all?searchSubpage=bikeradar ...the cookies ( etc.) are still there. I'd certainly appreciate any advice on this.

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Dan DonahueNov 14, 2023


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Mike ShipwaySep 9, 2023

The idea is brilliant but the practicality isn't. What we need is to keep the login cookies but autodelete the tracking and snooping ones. It's great to have the ability to whitelist and greylist certain ones, but without a database of which cookies-do-what mere humans don't know which cookies do what. E.g. my biggest concerns are the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon, MS etc. Which of all the cookies they use to spy on you with are the ones we can set to autodelete? Can we delete them af... Show more

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J. S. (darkocean)Apr 14, 2023

Modern (read:bad - as in new programmers repeating mistakes from the past) browsers kind of stink #1 one annoyance being that they have the settings now allow cookies except in incognito. What use is that!? I just sent a half hour deleting 999 some cookies! I usually have it set so that no third part cookies are allowed and didn't notice the browser updated, with this stupid change !@#$ I'm like sick of cookes, having to delete them one by one so I don't get logged out of the sites I want t... Show more

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Vanessa VApr 10, 2023

Simple and easy to use interface. Don't need anything complex like other cookie extensions. Used to use a different cookie manager that is no longer supported and this is the best I've tried.

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