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Convert HEIC to jpg images online and offline. Save HEIC images on websites as jpeg files. Convert local HEIC pictures to JPG, PNG.

💫 Key Methods to Convert HEIC Files to JPG Images using "Convert HIEC to JPG" extension. "Convert HEIC to JPG" offers a wide range of methods to transform HEIC images into JPG format as follows effortlessly: ✅ Right-click conversion: Right-click on any HEIC image and select "Save image as JPG". Next, the "Convert HEIC to JPG" extension automatically converts the image without compromising the quality and downloads the image in the specific location you pick. ✅ Drag-and-drop file conversion: You can drag a HEIC image from your computer's file location and drop the image in the "Convert HEIC to JPG" popup window. Next, the extension automatically converts and saves the image as a jpg file to your Downloads folder. ✅ Convert in Batches (one or more files): The "Convert HEIC to JPG" extension supports the transformation of batches with the ability to convert multiple files of HEIC format to JPG at one click. Also, you can download the images as a ZIP file and never worry about the file size. ↪️ Wide range of image type conversions (not only limited to JPG image format). The extension isn't only limited to one conversion type, but you can also: ✓ convert HEIC to jpg; ✓ convert HEIC to png; ✓ convert HEIC to gif; ✓ convert HEIC to tiff; ✓ convert HEIC to bmp; ✓ convert HEIC to ico; ✓ convert HEIC to webp; ✓ convert any format to HEIC. 🔒 Privacy-First Conversion: Your privacy is our primary concern! Unlike other converters, our Convert HEIC to JPG extension ensures that all conversions are technically handled locally on your computer. Thus, we cannot access your files; no personal data is stored, collected, or transferred. From now on you can convert heic to jpg securely. 🔥 Widely Compatible: It doesn't matter whether you use Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser; the "Convert HEIC to JPG" extension is compatible with all browsers. It is user-friendly and universally compatible, so you can easily convert images without issues with unsupported output formats. 🌟 Supports Batch Conversion: The "Convert HIEC to JPG" extension supports transforming in batches, allowing you to convert more than one file simultaneously. Once the converter converts the images, you can download the ZIP file (it has no file size limitations). 🔑 Maintains original file size and image quality: Do you want the converted files to remain the same quality as the input files? Don't worry — convert HEIC to JPG and preserve the image quality at the original file size by maintaining the resolution, keeping the original DPI, image size, and dimensions, and effectively maintaining the quality. 👨‍💻 No intermediary software is required: Just one click - and you can start to convert heic to jpg. You simply need to add extension to your browser. Hence, you will use only this software to convert images without intermediary software involvement. 🏃 Easy and quick ways to save the jpg files: Once you start processing the conversion through the extension, the images are downloaded automatically, with a single click or even in one ZIP archive file or a folder (if multiple images are used during conversions). You can specify in which folder the files need to be saved, but by default, they are saved in the "Downloads" folder. 🔥 Easy installation and best quality: Our extension only requires straightforward installation. Once you complete the installation (steps discussed below), you are set to convert HEIC images to JPG conversion with just a few clicks. 📦 How to Install HEIC to JPG files Converter (Quick Run-Down Steps): Follow the below steps to start to convert HEIC format to JPG files easily: ▸ Click the "Add to Chrome" button depicted on the right side (directly above the text) in the browser window. ▸ A confirmation pop-up window will appear to enable the extension. Next, click "Add Extension" to enable and confirm the extension installation. ▸ Please wait a few minutes to let the extension until it is downloaded and installed. ▸ After the installation is complete, you will notice the "Convert HEIC to JPG" extension located in the Chrome extension toolbar. ▸ That's all! The installation is complete and free to use! 📂 How To Transform HEIC files to jpg format? 1️⃣ Step 01: Upload the HEIC file you prefer to convert to a jpg file (this extension can also convert to jpg, png, gif, tiff, bmp, webp, and ico formats). You can upload one or more HEIC files. You can also specify in which location the files need to be saved after the conversion process, but by default, the files are saved in the "Downloads" folder. 2️⃣ Step 02: Once you upload, the HEIC to jpg converter will process the file to convert heic to jpg. 3️⃣ Step 03: After the process is complete, the "Open download folder" option appears. As soon as you click on it, you will navigate to the location where the converted jpgs or other file formats (as specified in 'Step 01') are saved in good quality. 👉🏻 Why Convert from HEIC to JPG? Even though HEIC is not a new image format, it is an effective one with enhanced compression and quality. However, there are certain instances when you face compatibility issues when viewing, using, or editing HEIC files on specific browsers, computers, or even image editors. In that case, converting photos from HEIC format to JPG is to overcome compatibility issues when viewing HEIC images across all platforms. 📚 Why Choose the "Convert HEIC to JPG" Extension? ✅ Supports drag and drop, batch and even conversion. ✅ Convert HEIC to JPG and other widely compatible file formats like jpg, png, gif, tiff, bmp, webp, and ico formats. ✅ There are no specific image size limitations for converting heic to jpg. ✅ Gives the output files at the best quality. ✅ It is a free tool and supports Windows, Mac, and many more! 🕓 Upcoming Features (Coming Soon) 🪶 Customizable Settings: You can adjust the image quality, rate of compression levels, and enhanced options to streamline the conversions. 🪶 Cloud Integration: You can save converted JPF files in cloud storage spaces such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and more! So what are you waiting for? Use "Convert HEIC to JPG" to convert HEIC format files quickly and effectively! FAQs: HEIC to JPG Converter ❓ How do I convert HEIC files to JPEG? You can use the HEIC to JPG online converter tool for the process of converting images from HEIC files to JPEG format. ❓ How do I change multiple photos from HEIC to JPG? You can use the HEIC to JPG converter tool to convert HEIC to JPG format with simple clicks while preserving the image quality.

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Jason KatmanJul 4, 2024

I like it so far, but why does it prompt to save as a .JFIF format instead of .JPG?

Replier's profile picture

Heic JPGDeveloperJul 12, 2024

Thanks for your feedback! The prompt to save as .JFIF instead of .JPG might be due to browser settings. You can manually rename the file to .JPG if needed.

Review's profile picture

Дмитрий БерMay 13, 2024

Provides a very simple way to convert heic to jpg. And I was surprised by the wide range of image type conversions available.

Replier's profile picture

Heic JPGDeveloperJul 12, 2024

Thanks for the great review! I’m glad you found the conversion process simple and enjoyed the variety of image type options.

Review's profile picture

sohidulMay 10, 2024

I would say that, Really Convert HEIC to JPG Extension is important. However, user-friendly interface, easy conversion without quality compromise. thank

Replier's profile picture

Heic JPGDeveloperJul 12, 2024

Thanks for the review! Happy to hear you appreciate the easy conversion and quality preservation.


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