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Sep 3, 2020

crash on start

when opening the app, I see the logo, then it crashes


Dec 15, 2017

How to not run in full-screen mode on Chromebook?

Is it possible to run this app windowed on a Chromebook? When it opens, it's in full-screen mode so I can't do anything else on my Chromebook. If I try to run it in a window, I get a spinning reload animation until I close the app. Thanks.

Paul Colley

Aug 16, 2017

Downloads 250meg, then crashes

Installation downloads 250 meg, and then when the download completes, dies.

Yurock “Tengo” Tatarashvili

Jan 21, 2017

ChatSecure OTR

OTR does not work when the other party uses ChatSecure on Android. When Conversations attempts to start OTR, nothing visible happens. When ChatSecure attempts to start OTR, Conversations dysplays a message on red background: ?OTR: and gibberish.

Michael Verdun Heath

Nov 17, 2016

Custom server address

Please allow us to manually type the XMPP server hostname, port and username information.

Brandon Stewart

Jan 27, 2016

Black Screen

When I receive a message notification and click on it the window comes up solid black.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 22, 2016


The font is too small. UI is very inconvenient. Also, I can't use my mouse and I can't type non-latin characters.

Martin Legrand

Jan 10, 2016


When this is installing, I get a name getting installed for mfaihdlpg....crx much bigger than 3.xx megs.. so I cancelled it.

Rubin Abdi

Oct 10, 2015


Can't seem to get it working. Also the settings menu really likes me clicking on it above the actual item.

Otherwise thanks for bringing this to the Chrome store, now I don't have to convert it by hand each time you have a new release. :)

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