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Mar 31, 2024

I want to show the progress bar all the time

It will show up the progress bar if mouse hover it.
I want to show the progress bar all the time, however. Please provide an option.


Mar 17, 2024

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Hijacks CMD+Up arrow & CMD+Down arrow keyboard shortcuts on Mac. These shortcuts are core to the browser to go to the top and bottom of a page and should not be overwritten as the extension does. They aren't customizable in chrome://extensions/shortcuts.

Joe Greenheron

Jan 1, 2024

Please disable keyboard shortcuts

As others have mentioned, this extension hijacks common keyboard shortcuts used by Google Workspace (Docs/Sheets). Those are shortcuts I rely on very frequently so I need to uninstall your extension until there's a workaround (e.g. ability to customize or disable keyboard shortcuts). I really like this extension and hope to be able to install it again in the future. Whether or not you fix this issue, I appreciate the work you put in (for no compensation)!

Joseph Fuller

Dec 28, 2023

Broken again when viewing individual reels

There's a new interface for viewing an individual reel (clicking it on an account's page), with up/down arrows instead of left/right to move to the previous/next post, and the extension controls are broken on it. They only appear when clicking on the video to pause it and disappear when it's un-paused and the mouse moved away, and the controls aren't clickable at all when displayed. It's again a change that isn't showing up for all accounts yet.

Hatem Aly

Dec 15, 2023

I can't click a shared video in a story to go to the source post with the video

When I am viewing an Instagram story that shares a video from feed post I usually can click on it to get "see post" but with this extension enabled it only pauses the video in the story and doesn't allow me to get a link to the source post that had the video.

Daniel Lee Carlile (The Akkordeonist)

Sep 26, 2023

Automatically Mutes Video by Default

Please include a way to change default volume so video doesn't begin muted and automatically mute if you try to start it over. If the video is only a few seconds long you can't ever even hear the beginning because you have to start it over and then as speedily as you can go over and unmute it. And even with this extension, which is now looping Insta videos by default, the volume is automatically muted again at the beginning.

Ricardo Macedo

Aug 17, 2023

Side effect on Google Sheets

Hi. I just want to report an issue that this extension affects the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + arrow-key [up, down, left, right] which is used in Google Sheets [same in Excel] to navigate to the last cell populated with data. I'm a heavy user of Google Sheets and this was driving me crazy, as it's a frequently used keyboard shortcut. After some googling I found a forum where someone said that he found out it was caused by your Chrome extension. I then uninstalled it, with a great sense of relief.

Could you please put a warning somewhere in the installation workflow? Maybe right after the installation, if Chrome can open a page with some info about this side effect.

However, the ideal thing to do would be for you guys to fix the issue.

Joseph Fuller

Jul 18, 2023

Audio gets turned off anytime the position bar is used

IG seems to have made a minor change again, so that if audio is turned on using the extension (so it only applies to the one video instead of all videos), using the position bar to jump back or forth, or pausing and unpausing the video, turns the audio off again. This makes it hard to have the audio working immediately when the video starts to play because I can't position it at the beginning and turn on audio then click play, and have to turn it on again when moving around. And of course turning on audio globally means I have to turn it off again before scrolling otherwise I get blasted with the next one (they are also always resetting to maximum volume again) and I often forget.

im majid

May 15, 2023

i see the button but i cant click it

Every time I open a video on Instagram, your addition appears to me, but it does not allow me to click it or do anything as if it does not exist, just a form. I also tried to delete it and download it again, but it did not work either.

No Plastic

Apr 27, 2023

Control audio by mouse wheel functionality

Hi, thanks for the amazing extension. Is it possible to add mouse wheel volume control?
That would be brilliant addition to already brillian extension.
Thanks again :)

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