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Google User

Jun 11, 2024

Lots of background telemetry slowing down when typing a tweet or replying

If you can stop it from doing so to improve performance especially if using an adblocker too.

Google User

Jun 11, 2024

Add remove pics/media from timeline and lists plus...

Or at least shrink them to a tiny thumbnail so they don't take up a lot of the screen.

Also default theme setting.

Kappa Kappity

Jun 6, 2024

Add "Hide Replies" from home timeline

I would like the home timeline to only be media, no replies from anybody clustering the home timeline


May 18, 2024

there's still problems with the settings

some of these settings still aren't working right they stop working every time you go to twitter profile can you fix this

Malina Crabtree

May 15, 2024

After most recent update - problems

Thank you for the extension, makes my life so much easier.
After the update a couple of days ago, "For You tab" keeps coming back and "restore headlines" stops working at random, both require refresh of the page to start working again.
Thank you


May 14, 2024

fix some settings

the "hide the for you tab" setting and the "hide the verified accounts noti tab setting" doesn't work all that well anymore and i think it might be the case with a few more settings too

also off topic but can y'all please update control panel for youtube i would love some more options to play around with and some more stability for that extension


May 14, 2024

Post engagements restoration

It was a convenient function to check the retweeted content, but it suddenly disappeared, so it's inconvenient

Shae Clark

Mar 30, 2024

Add option to hide "Explore Communities" section

I'd like to hide the "Explore Communities" section that shows in feeds

forrest milich

Jan 24, 2024

X Account

I have a twitter acct and an X account. I'm unable to open my app because it is not recognizing any of my E-Mails. What app am I supposed to open my X account with?


Dec 13, 2023


Needs option to remove this trash (grok) from view.

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