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Dan Valentine

Mar 11, 2024

Searches containing & don't work

& is not getting URL encoded in searches.

Samuel Eddy

Jan 30, 2024

Update to allow text replacement for multiple instances of %s in the URL

Could you please release a new version which supports text replacement for multiple / all instances of %s in the search URL? In other words, if the query is something like below, both %s would be replaced with the highlighted text:

The current version only supports one instance of %s so in the example above, if an account number 1234567 is highlighted, the URL would look like the below when searched:

This article shows how to make the fix. It's very simple.

Iván Torres

Aug 14, 2023

Way to submit search term to ChatGPT or Bard in the works?

I've noticed that these sites don't show parameters on their returned URL so we can't add them manually. I would suppose they intentionally want to obfuscate their workings.
So, are you trying to figure out to if it can be done?

Никола Поповић

Aug 7, 2023

Add AliExpress search


Could you tell em what is the code for adding Aliexpress to search engine?

Thanks. :)


Aug 5, 2023

Favicon display is desired.

Would like to see an update to show the favicon to the right of the label.
Like this Firefox addon

Ahmad Abu Shmais

Jul 9, 2023

Option not working

open result in the background tab
its not working checked or not it still opening and moving to it

generic etcetera

Jun 23, 2023


is there no longer a firefox version? i can't find it.


Apr 4, 2023

Open two search engines at once ?

Can you provide me with a command to make context menu search open a multiple search engine at once when i click for a research ?
Thank you

Alejandro III Manalo

Mar 3, 2023


not working

Alex akaVea

Dec 13, 2022

extra feature request

I use a extension on safari that works a lot like this but instead of searching from the context menu, you search from the omni bar. you set a word or letter, and either from the beginning or end or both, so it would look like this: if i type gi wallpaper, it will search google images for the query "wallpaper", or if i type wiki dragon, it will search wikipedia for dragons. and there's an option to add your own website search's, like for youtube or amazon or even steam. I love this extension but I can't find anything like it in the chrome web store, the only thing I find when I even try to search is SEO keyword optimizers and dumb applications like that.

This is the closest i've found that you can search and add your own sites to search, i'm just asking to add a feature where you can search from the omni box and let us make our own keyword, like let me set the custom command or keyword, and the site and you do the rest. I would actually pay for that.

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