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Sudheesh Sukumaran

May 13, 2024

Context search open the tab at the end

Earlier the context search will open the tab besides the active tab, now it opens in the end. Is there a new option to select the behaviour?

Acer Aspire

Feb 25, 2024

Не работает!

Спасибо за очень полезное и нужное расширение!....
НО Очень печалит ->
"Параметры расширения":
1. Не работает "Export" (Вообще ничего не происходит).
2. Не работает "Close" (Закрыть "Параметры расширения" можно только нажав "Х" в верхнем правом углу).
Спасибо за внимание!

Viron Vi

Mar 26, 2022

Unable to export search engines.

So I can't seem to export any search engines, as I keep getting an error whenever I try to

Said error being: Error handling response: Error: Failed to execute 'btoa' on 'Window': The string to be encoded contains characters outside of the Latin1 range.

neeegehghge rgewwgrgwrgg

Apr 19, 2021

url-encoding bug

caused by
event-page.js line 47

url = url.replace('&', '%26');

please remove that line dear dev.

neeegehghge rgewwgrgwrgg

Apr 19, 2021

url-encoding bug

using the recommended
you get
as result url and "test%26tbm=isch" being inside the search box.
note the %26 which should be & instead.
temporary workaround is using &&tbm=isch
because only the first & gets url-encoded by the extension

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