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gam ahm

Feb 5, 2023

i want the last version

could you please tell me where i can find the last version of this browser

tuesday salami

Jun 22, 2018


Click “Add to Favorites” to add the web page to the Favorites menu. A pop-up will appear where you can rename the bookmark or specify a folder in the Favorites menu where you can save it to. Once you’re done, click “Add.”

Joyce Anastasia

Jan 25, 2018

Please display bookmark icons!

Nice zero-config extension. Would be even nicer if this extension displayed the bookmark icons along side the links just like the Chrome bookmark bar does.

Olexandr Perepiiaka

Aug 24, 2017

Other extentions menus removed by this extension

This extension add it's own context submenu and remove all others submenus from other extensions

BE Davis Brown

Feb 27, 2016

Options button greyed out.

Is the options button meant to be greyed out? Or are we supposed to put other bmarks in the Favorites folder?

Dan R

Feb 24, 2016

open bookmarks in same tab please

This extension makes all bookmarks open a new tab, please allow a setting for opening the bookmark in the active tab.

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