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Gary Rosner

Dec 29, 2022

Bookmarks At Bottom Are Cut off

The bookmarks containing subfolders, that appear at the bottom of a long list are cut off.

Michael McCain

Mar 19, 2022


Hello. I just downloaded your extension and will definitely use it as it is more convenient than having them all the way to the right, or on a bookmarks bar. However, for a future update, is there a way to have them show the associated favicon (icon) with each bookmark instead of just the text?

Marie Nobert

Feb 1, 2022

Favoris en double

je cherche une appli qui décèle les doublons de favoris

Alexander Pruss

May 23, 2021


I've tried to run bookmarklets from the context menu, but they don't seem to work. Is there some setting I should set for bookmarklets to work?


Jun 15, 2020

please enlarge the frame for the extension options on new edge browser

currently unable to save my costumization because I can't click the save button in the extension option frame.


Nov 21, 2017

Please develop for Firefox.

Existing add-ons(Context Bookmarks) will not work as Firefox is updated.
Please develop the Context Bookmarks for Firefox.

Tim Omaha

Oct 27, 2017

It's unclear to me what this does.

It would help a great deal if you were to make a simple YouTube video that demonstrates what this does, exactly.

Anuj Singh

Oct 20, 2017

JavaScript Bookmarklets + Chrome://* Links aren't working from Context Menu


The Bookmarklets with JavaScript code are not running from this.

Also, the links which have "Chrome://" in the beginning are not working either.

Is there a solution to this?

Shaun Hill

May 25, 2017

interferes with other extensions

this extension prevents other extensions (e.g. "IQDB image search") from adding their own options to the context menu

J.T. Brown III

Jan 6, 2017

Suggestion: Display Bookmark (and Folder) Icons

Currently none of the associated bookmark (or folder) icons are being displayed to the left of the link name. Displaying these icons would be very helpful in being able to quickly identify bookmarks. This is also the default behavior of the standard chrome bookmarks feature/manager.

Could you please add this capability?

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