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Oct 16, 2023

Missing fields

Facebook no longer populates Name Fields or photo and ONLY grabs the URL. Pretty massive misstep. Instagram it grabs Name and URL but, no photo. Twitter name, url, and actually gets the photo. If it's a normal website it mostly doesn't work at all. Linkedin is really the only site it grabs more than one or 2 fields. REALLLLLLLY weak. I suggest you compare the code it uses to scape LinkedIn and go back and fix the others. So many flaws with EVERY product.


Dec 19, 2022

Does it append to existing contacts, or create a new contact?

They way I would envision (prefer) this to work is that I'm looking at a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn profile page of someone I already have in my contacts but do not have social info on them, so I click the "add to existing contact" and it appends this profile info to my existing contact. Does it work this way, or does it only create new contacts?

Ladie Whitaker

Jun 23, 2022

KW Command Contacts - Sync


Do you integrate with KW Command Contacts?


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