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Heverton Anunciação

May 23, 2024

something is wrong in the information

I had a record in googl contact.. however, when I go to grid of Contacteditor, the record is there, but the phone number is not appearing.. the phone number is missing.. how to solve it? and I paid for it.

Kathryn Cole

Dec 12, 2023

Addresses Not Populating

Hi there!
I am unable to see the addresses of all of my contacts. It is not an option for me to even click on the "configure column." I paid for the yearly license, and it's still not an option. Please help!!!

Stacie Duffy

Jun 19, 2023

Birthdays are often ommitted and Custom Dates do not import at all

When importing contacts from another account and saving, the Birthday importing is intermittent at best and Custom Events do not import at all or show on the Column Config as options, even when refreshed. Love many of the other features.

Nancy and Eric Hillmer

Jun 2, 2023

No Columns for Non-labelled Fields

If either an email or phone number has a missing or blank label (home/work/mobile etc.) there is no column in ContactEditor. This seems like it would be very common as the label selection is not mandatory fill in for Google Contacts additions and I have a lot missing labels. Seems like there should be a column in ContactEditor for blank / missing labels. Example of the problem email with "Work" label shows as column, however email with no label has no column. Same idea for phone, blank or no label no column. This extension is pretty good but would be a lot better if this was fixed.

William Moyse

Mar 2, 2023

Activate the license

Hi, I have bought the Pro version for a year through paypal and I received the confirmation email but I can't see how to link my account to the licence -

Thanks, W

Patty Golsteijn

Jan 11, 2023

Data available on when a contact was added or last edited?

Is there data available on when a contact was added or last edited? I've been using Google Contacts for over 15 years probably and I just want to delete the old ones.

Dylan Kenneally

Nov 4, 2022

Unable to bulk edit groups

Trying to add a set of contacts to a group, I've selected the ones in question, brought up the groups picker (problem 1: everything is selected when it comes up, shouldn't it be in the intersection?), and no matter what I do in this picker changes are never brought through to the contacts list.

Have to do each one manually - that sucks, esp. as the the selling point for this extension (which really didn't need to be an extension at all), was the bulk edit

Dylan Kenneally

Nov 4, 2022

Unable to put contacts in to correct groups

If the contact is at the bottom of the grid when you bring up the menu for the list of groups - it's clipped, so I can't pick the item that's needed. Screenshot here:

Westpark Condominiums BOD

Oct 13, 2022

ContactEditor Extension - missing on extension toolbar

Hello. I recently installed your ContactEditor Extension. Unfortunately, even after restart of Chomebook, the extension icon is not showing up on the extension toolbar in Chrome. I can find no way to access the extension.

Helio Borges

Oct 12, 2022

It's not working anymore

Can you guys fix it please? Thank you!

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