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morden thriftstore

Dec 8, 2022


I am having some problems with 'address already in use', and I thought perhaps to uninstall and re-install, but I can't seem to find a place to do this -- only to 'launch app'. Can you help? Thanks!

Roland Marcus Rutschmann

Oct 28, 2020

App doesn't start

And again the app worked for a while and doesnt't start up any more. Is there any way to get more debugging information?


Oct 24, 2020

Cannot be launched after Chrome OS update to Version 86

Never able to launch after the update to version 86 of Chrome OS

Will Zhao

Oct 15, 2020

Failed to launch after Chromeos 86

After I updated to Chromeos 86, the app does not start up most of the times. I do not know if the update has changed any interface the app is using?

Roland Marcus Rutschmann

Sep 14, 2020

Connection Forwarder doesn't start up

The program worked flawlessly for 6 month. Now it's the second time the app doesn't start up anymore. Last time I solved it by reinstalling, but is there another way?


Matthew McGregor-Mento

Sep 24, 2019

Tunnel through USB?

Can I use this to connect through USB to a server running on an iphone?

Veino Keppile

Mar 10, 2019


I am trying to forward my crostini port 9000 to localhost:9000 for a project of mine. Unfortunately, I receive the error: net::ERR_ADDRESS_INVALID.


Jan 1, 2019


Hi, will UDP be supported with this tool? I have a node server that is listening to UDP traffic on a a few ports. Thank you.


Nov 30, 2018

UDP Support

Hi, I was wondering if you plan on adding UDP support at some point.


G.K. Nelson

Sep 20, 2018

Can Connection Forwarder connect to Apache Server

Can Connection Forwarder connect to an Apache server inside a Crostini container? If so, can you point me to a simple explanation of how it's done? Thanks either way.

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