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dangermouse buttonmoon

Jan 26, 2021

cant download apps in google play

cant download apps on my cromebook tried all trouble shooting ideas, it says access googlestore app before installing apps

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 21, 2019


I can´t find the APP in Google Play ...what happened?
It doesn´t exist?

Allen Lindblad

May 24, 2018

Privacy Policy

Your terms of service and the information on the Chrome Web Store don't include if any personal data is collected and stored by the extension. Can you please add this as we are checking for compliance with GDPR.

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 15, 2017

mapa conceptual

como se hace el mapa

Ian Goding

Nov 2, 2017

How to edit without making a new object?

Fantastic mind map, but I can't see how to edit an object without it making a copy of the object!

If I use the Edit selection, a new object is always made!

Please explain in the FAQ.

Erika Andrea Prieto Bejarano

Sep 2, 2017

Solicitud información almacenamiento de los mapas

¿Donde quedan almacenados los mapas que se guardan en la nube, ya que en google drive no los encuentro?

Robert Calderon

Jul 30, 2017

superscripts and subscripts

Can I use superscripts and subscripts in this app?


A Chrome Web Store user

May 17, 2017

mappa sparita

avevo salvato la mappa nel cloud e ci avevo lavorato per giorni ma oggi non la trovo più

Majella Mazini

Mar 10, 2017


Há possibilidade de usá-lo np idioma Português/Brasil?

Leidy Paola Sanchez Motta

Sep 8, 2016


No encuentro donde queda almacenado mi mapa, lo necesito saber urgente para poder enviarlo

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