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Željko Jagušt

Sep 21, 2023

Multiple H1 tags issue in Health Check


I am using your extension on multiple WP websites and on each one, "Multiple H1 tags" is listed as an issue.

Now, having multiple h1 tags was detrimental to SEO in the past, but that is not the case anymore. All of my sites are built using HTML5 and having 2 h1 tags is structurally valid because they’re part of different areas. Also, in modern SEO in combination with HTML5, having multiple h1 will not have an impact on ranking.

Is it possible to either reformat the check or remove it completely because it is misleading and mostly incorrect?

Thank you.

Daniel Mann

Feb 27, 2023

Issue opening child window

Whilst the chrome extension is enabled I've encountered an problem whereby a window opened using JavaScript doesn't load any content. Disabling the extension allows the content to load again.

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