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1Roso (1R0s0m8k)

Mar 26, 2014

Script error on World 10 - script doesn't load

On World 10 I have a lot of messages, that is I think the main reason why the ZMail doesn't work. On start of the game ZMail is trying to load messages, but I think it is stopping at around 900 messages and then it crashes. On first start after installation I could see a message on the screen - right, down, that showed progress of reading messages. Then it stopped at around those 900 messages and stopped.
It is weird because I'm using the latest version (which works on other worlds fine) and that one should be fixed to load more than 800 messages or so - see author's script web.

Michael R

Jan 12, 2014

Stall on first load

Chrome errors on first load? If I hit cancel, I see the item import start... but it stalls at ~9,800/11,228 - since to be recovered? I deleted/reinstalled the web store script - but now it just errors and does nothing? Also, I don't see any visual menu buttons (no 'script' menu with drop down, like in the web store item images)?

I have three images that might help.

1 - Feedback from my alliance... this does work!

2 - Very cool! What it looks like (before mine stalls out)

3 - Error Message from Chrome Dev Console

What should I do to fix this on my system?


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