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Steve Lewis

Mar 6, 2018

can not turn it on

I have the overview,reviews, ect but how do I "turn this on?"


Oct 22, 2016

don't shelve it - add this feature

it may have some minor problems but it is the best damn map i've seen for TA. a useful but unintended feature is that you can see how base locations have changed since the last time you used it -- if you are zoomed in and paying very close attention. i do wish that data were preserved to provide a record of all player movement, growth and alliance membership. a server-stored raw database file updated when any player loads the map would be an obvious way to add that as a feature and the user would have access from within the game. it could be viewed as a snapshot in time or as a video so you could trace a players movements and certain actions.

stephane costy

Jul 10, 2015

ne fonctionne plus

depuis juin
cette map ne fonctionne plus, dommage

Gokhan Ozturk

Jun 28, 2015

Doesn't Work

It stopped working after the updates EA made in June 2015.

D Cruz

Oct 19, 2014


how do i open?

Maher Y Hussein.

Oct 30, 2013

Command & Conquer TA World Map

when using the script, it starts loading , and it get to a stage @ 5/7 and it stops,
also in another world it dose the same,

do you have a fix for this,
as i use this script a lot , but in the last 2 weeks it stopped working,

can you help please.


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