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Sep 1, 2023


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Alexander Zimm

Oct 6, 2015

Funktioniert nicht mehr

Hallo zusammen,

leider funktioniert das wirklich sehr sehr schöne Tool nicht mehr auf den aktuellen Welten!
Gibt es jemanden der eine funktionierende Version hat oder der das beheben kann?

Mfg Ghost

Dimitris Isaakidis

Sep 30, 2015

Not working

Haven't used it for some time , since i step back from the POI officer rank , but wanted to use it again ... it not working , any info or any thing i could do for this ?

Jim Cummins

Jul 2, 2015

POI Analyser

I play on 7 worlds and the Analyser no longer works on any. What is the chance of someone fixing it? It was one of the best tools available.

Isaac Isaac

Jun 16, 2015

not working

I am on Firestorm 1 world and its not working there. and now not working on other worlds neither

Alan K.

Jun 14, 2015

POI Analyser

Has this been dropped. It no longer is working


Jun 11, 2015

tab doesnt show

since 2 days the tab doesnt show up anymore.
tried reinstalling etc, still doesnt show up.

Robert Jones

Oct 26, 2014


logo now missing
Command & Conquer TA POIs Analyser 2.0.1

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 21, 2014

POI analyzer

Plugin installed. Not working. Tab not showing up.

Alan K.

Aug 8, 2014

poi analyzer

I have recently acquired a new system and now the script is no longer working have tried deleting and re-installing but nothing has worked

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