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Richard Sneed

Jan 4, 2024

eyedropper function isn't working

ColorPal installed on 2023-01-04
Chrome Version 119.0.6045.214 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Clicking on the eyedropper graphic causes the app's window to flicker once, but afterwards I cannot capture a color by clicking. When I try clicking (after clicking on the eyedropper graphic), the ColorPal app's window closes. When reactivating ColorPal, there is no indication of a color being captured.

Otherwise, the other functions seem to be working. At least--they are responsive. It's hard to know for sure when I'm unable to use its basically functionality--color capture.

Will you please share instructions on how to capture a color?

Please consider posting a brief video at which demonstrates ColorPal in use. If you do, users can easily learn how to use it (and know whether on not ColorPal is misbehaving).

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