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Josh DeGroote

Mar 7, 2024

an exception coded to protect 1st tab?

is there an exception coded in to protect the browsers home page? i.e. code that'd allow the very first tab opened in the first window to be browsers default "new tab page" aka home page. as to ensure we still have a way to access/utilize/monitor that page.

talk soon.

Alex Kar

Sep 5, 2023

New tab

Can I disable "Replace the page you see when opening a new tab" feature, it works 'great' with dark reader\dark mode flashing me every time...

Nan Sterman

Sep 25, 2022

I chose palettes, now what?

I chose a bunch of palettes that I loved and then tried to export them or download them or? When I tried to save them as a pdf, all I got was black blocks. I want to share the palettes I chose, how do I do that? Also, I chose 25 palettes and then they disappeared, what did I miss? thanks

Ariana Real Ortiz

Jul 6, 2022

quitar la paleta

mi problema es que le quiero sacar el color para ponerme un fondo que no sea ese ya lo desistale pero no sale

Ngọc Quyên Phạm Nguyễn

Sep 5, 2021

Can not create my own palette

I paste 4 colors' code and choose tag, but there's no button for summit or anything else that can finish this.

Susana Mora

Jun 19, 2021

New tab color palette save option + history

Add a save option in the new tab feature. I love having the colorful palettes show up whenever I open a new tab but I often forget to open the palette to save it because it's a distracting process. It would also be useful to have some sort of history of the palettes you've been shown on new tabs

Susana Mora

Jun 19, 2021

Lost saved color palettes + not saving new ones

With the recent update I lost the over 300 palettes in my collection and now I can't even save a new one

Utkarsh Punia

May 3, 2021

New tab behavior

I love the extension and love the idea of having a new tab thing but i have a lot of shortcuts saved on my new tab page and i can't use them without disabling the extension. is there a work around? where i can keep the extension running and the new tab are not affected, if not can you guys make this behavior optional?

Devin Williams

Apr 21, 2021 is down

The site is down & the extension doesn't work anymore as a result. says it's been down for more than a week. Is this site dead?

Kamrul Hasan Raza

Apr 20, 2021

Quick on/off

Is there an quick way to see the orginal content my new tab without disabling the extention?

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