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David Kniberg

Feb 28, 2024

Links being replaced by tracking ones

This extension replaces google search result links with ones that lead to tracking sites before redirecting to the correct one.

Jan Pozivil

Feb 1, 2024

Error 404 when trying to use the Eye Dropper

This happens on all and any pages. I reset the permission to default and still happening. :(

Darren Slatten

Sep 27, 2022

Extension Changes RGB Values

I am using the extension on the following page:

When I use the color picker, it shows me RGB values that are slightly different from the values embedded in the HTML/CSS of the page. For example, the first color (Ivory) shows me rgb(246, 240, 212) in the color picker, but rgb(247, 240, 212) in the HTML code. I checked several colors and most if not all of them were slightly different.

Igor Silva

Jul 23, 2022


I need HSL auto copy

Lucy Link

Jul 23, 2022

Suddenly stopped working - incompatible with Chrome :(

Hey there makers of my favourite color's stopped working with latest chrome updates. Hope you can fix it. thanks, Gina

James Murfin

Jul 21, 2022

Logos next to SERP results?

Very weird question: Whevener I have this extension enabled, company logos appear next to some of the SERP results on Google, and other search engines I've checked (Bing and Yahoo). Is this a known feature? I've isolated it by disabling all my other exentions apart from Color Picker. It just seems well outside of the scope of the applicataion.

Mike Clansey, CPT Fitness Leader

Jun 30, 2022

Not compatible

Hey there - was always able to use on my Chromebook and my chromebook is up to of yesterday I can't use your program because now all of a sudden not compatible? What gives?

Nate Van Roosendaal

Jan 28, 2022

Colors do not save

I use the crosshair tool to select a color, on a web page. I then click save and exit. When I open the tool again, no colors are saved. My google chrome sync feature is on, and I can't find a way to create a Fardos account. Any assistance is appreciated.

Greg Barron

Nov 17, 2021

Missing 3 tools

Only the color picker appears (with no additional tools). I pick colors, click "save & exit".
Now what?
CNTL SHIFT +e brings up an empty picker widget with no buttons or options.

José Luís Marques

Sep 9, 2021

I have lost all my saved colors

Were are my saved colors, I have lost all my saved colors?

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