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Jul 22, 2018

remove this

I don't not like this and want it removed from my Chrome extensions/apps, but it is not showing up under More Tools>Extensions
How do I find it to delete?

A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 1, 2018

reported before

it adds the extension. wehn you click on the extension it takes you to a twitter account

Mr. David

May 17, 2018

how to download

How do I add this app to my favorites tool bar please.

Ruben -

Apr 5, 2018



The 1hr column disappeared in the App. Any idea how this is possible?

Furtheremore would be great if after refresh the (AZ) Sorting remains the same.

Furthermore great app man, and keep on improving.


Johnny Semedo

Feb 20, 2018

Keep Base Currency After Reload

This is an amazing extension and it's really helpful.

One thing would make it even better would be keeping the currency base after reload,
right now, if we are tracking the price in btc or eth or any other crypto, each time it reloads it switches back to USD and we have to select the cryptocurency again.
if somehow it could keep the monitored currency it would be awesome and would save us some time.
Thank you for your amazing work

David Schaffler

Jan 30, 2018

More Coin Displays


Could you increase the maximum amount of coins displayed from 5 to 10 please.

Tim Vincent

Jan 9, 2018

Am I seeing enhanced?

I downloaded says "added to chrome"...but coinmarketcap still has tons of commercials...Did I do anything wrong?

Cory Banks

Dec 28, 2017

Chrome Extension not working

When i add the extension, it just takes me to your Twitter account? Am i doing something wrong?

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