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Fred Schwacke

Mar 8, 2023

Calculator does not interface with my keyboard and I cant enter data

The program comes up but it does not interface with my keyboard.

MVU Urquiza

Oct 26, 2021

millares dot

hola, me gustaría que le pusieran punto separador de millares, para mejorar la visualización. gracias

Jeremy Woolley

Feb 10, 2021

Enhancer has been taken down.

Please re-publish it!

Carol Sharp

Oct 4, 2020

Cloudy Calculator number size

How can in increase the size of the numerals in the Cloudy Calculator

J Marais

Aug 13, 2020

Cloudy calculator

I used to be able to pop cloudy calculator out and then move the image around on the screen by using the touchpad. This no longer works, or am I missing something?

Tofarati Adewuyi (Oof Boi)

Aug 7, 2020

Cloudy Calculator enhancer

Where is the enhancer?

Joe Klein

Feb 6, 2020

quick Key

Hi, I love this calculator, but I cant seem to open it with the quick key, how can I do this? I enabled it in the options but its still not working. THanks

Roger Day Wood Sculptor

Dec 17, 2019

History after clearing

Hi, brilliant app thank you..!
!Q: is there a place the history is still stored in permanent memory I ask this because my laptop has broken but I have the drive with the full system files intact and i really want to see a result i came to on Cloudy Calc problem.where i dont have the figures anymore...
Thanks you

Anthony Ebiner

Jun 6, 2019

Firefox support

I love this extension! But sadly due to chrome's future blocking of adblockers, I have switched over to firefox. It would be amazing if you could port it over there!

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 14, 2018

MacOS Mojave

Is there an issue with Mojave? I've been having issue with typing on Mac OS in the extension. I've removed the extension and added it back. I haven't been able to use the extension on Chrome on Mac OS

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