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Sep 1, 2023

Error: Unable to get the zone ID.

Hi, since this morning, i have this error when i want to purge an url: Error: Unable to get the zone ID.. I try with the global API token and i have this issue too. Any help please?

Anita Singh

May 5, 2022

download version 2.00 chrome web store

download version 2.00 chrome web store

Maricar Agapito

Apr 25, 2022

how to use

how to use this

Benalu Nalu

Apr 19, 2022


Mohon di ubah menjadi sistem anroid

Rosemarie Paglinawan

Feb 15, 2022

Internet connecton

Please resolve as soon as possible

Robert Wintersteen

Jan 6, 2022

Having trouble getting started.

I don't understand what an API token is, or where to get the information which apparently needs to be typed into the empty boxes to get this thing up and running. I feel like a fool, please help.

sunny sharma

Sep 23, 2021


not supporting

Tosho Toshev

Jul 12, 2021

CF-Purge 1.7

I just wanted to inform you that there is a new version of the extension and it should have automatically updated for everybody by now. It has some fixes in the domain parsing logic out of the URL especially in the case when there are multiple levels of sub-domains and a new feature where users can set multiple profiles with different Cloudflare API tokens.

charles kenyon

Mar 16, 2021


need to get rid of this page

Bruno Marotta

Mar 13, 2021

Purge individual images, css or json files

Hi Tosho,

I understand that you currently don't go recursively through all the page elements to purge them. Maybe a simple solution would be to add a right menu item "Cloudflare purge this". This item would appear when clicking on an image (, video, etc) or when clicking on an item in the Network panel from the developers tab. If you need some help implementing the right menu item, please let me know. I already did it for images.


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