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Jeanne Chrystle Mariano

Mar 13, 2022

not working

Found one that works better

Neva Mason

Nov 6, 2021


I really need to use the click an clean. Please can you help me?

Alex Lebedev

Apr 2, 2021

Chrome portable

Chrome portable opens a new page "" every time it starts.

Gerry G

May 11, 2019

Bo longer closes all

Until recently, this worked perfectly, I just had it close all and clear the cache. It no longer closes all, just the current tab window and won't close my default on open - bookmarks, at all

Jonathan Frankfurt

Sep 21, 2017

Have to manually shut chrome

Used to work but now I have to go into task manager, find the largest chrome.exe, end process and they all then shut like dominoes.

Any thoughts why it's not working?

Johny Why

Jun 2, 2015

"continue where you left off"

i have chrome set to "continue where you left off". Which option must remain unchecked for that? i dont need cache for that, just tabs. thx!

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