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Tom Akkermans

May 28, 2024

gitlab is no longer supported

the timer is no longer appearing, maybe due to an update in the gitlab website

Lukáš Krahulec

May 23, 2024

Custom domains

Last few days extension deleting (every day) settings in integrations - Custom domains

Gayan Dewage

May 13, 2024

can't log my clockify

can't log my clockify and Clockify login code was also didn't support


May 13, 2024



Meriam Pomarejos

May 12, 2024

the app is not working

the app is not working, I cannot log in, upon checking the extensions there is a error on the app that says "Uncaught (in promise) Error: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist." I hope the app can be fixed asap as i use it on my work.

Richard Pitul

Apr 10, 2024

Increase Width of Popup on Desktop

I really wish on desktop the width could be just a bit wider, most of the time the date of the project is cut off and it would often help me to ensure I am adding my time to the correct project instead of a similarly named project from a year ago.

Federico Grandi

Mar 31, 2024

Azure integration

It's so nice to be able to start the timer from a Azure DevOps task. It would be so much more useful if the it could auto-fill the task field, maybe after choosing a project to use with it.

Daniele Besana

Jan 18, 2024

HelpScout button disappeared

Dear support,
With latest version 2.10.10 the button does't appear anymore in HelpScout.
Can you help?

Brenda Seiler

Dec 22, 2023

Clockify app causes Trello not to work

I've been using the Trello app to keep track of projects I'm working on and it's important to be able to keep moving tasks along and keep them in a chronological order. While using Trello, I have the Clockify app working to track the amount of time I'm spending on a task. Once I'm finished with a task, I stop it and the time is saved under a project #. Both the Trello app and Clockify app have been working well for the last 2 years on Chrome.

Several days ago, I was having issues with the Trello app and being unable to move tasks along and keep in a chronological order. I opened an incognito window and opened my Trello app and was able to move tasks around because the Clockify extensions was not enabled.

I went back to my chrome browser on my desktop running Windows 11 and disabled the Clockify app and the Trello app worked fine being able to move tasks around. I enabled the Clockify app and now I cannot move my Trello tasks around. This is very frustrating because everything had been working smoothly several days ago. The only solution now is to have Trello incognito and the Clockify extension enabled on my browser to track time. I have to go back and forth between windows and it's very annoying.

Can you please fix this??

I can be reached at

Bob H

Nov 27, 2023

New todoist UI seems to have broken integration

I no longer see the Clockify icon on todoist.

On Windows using Chrome extension version 2.10.5

Google apps